Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm a bad Jaxy.

Note my extreme lack of posts.

But, now I have my camera cable (it was in my sock box?) and I'm ready to show off a little of what I've been doing!

For example, two out of Three Tams.

This one is for the College Knitters swap. Very classy, in maroon and white Cascade 220.


I made this one for me out of some Kureyon and the leftover white.


I also have most of what I've dubbed the Design Feature Cami done. This is not representative of its finished size- it is in fact finished except for the straps. I just need to break down and go to the bead store and get some beads for the strappyness.


Also, 70's-tastic Noro Legwarmers. These are finished, I'll get a proper pic up soon.


And this is a Mouse.


And this is my hair! It's finally a color I'm happy with :D


As for what I'm working on now...?

Homework. And midterms. And poems for class. And homework.

I have one project on the needles atm- some fantastic red Moseys- but I haven't knit a stitch in a week. Which is sad because I also have some really gorgeous sock yarns- ArtYarns Super Merino in a blue/grey colorway and Jitterbug in Sahara that I still need to wind off. Well, I'll bother Mouse about that when I can breathe.