Sunday, December 21, 2008


Clearly being in Detroit has stunted my ability to make posts on here. Seriously, I completely thought that the post dated Friday had been made Saturday and thus I didn't have to post yesterday... yeahhhh, that's so NOT full of fail. Rack me up with two more posts to make up.

Yesterday I went shopping for wayyyy too long with my mom and sister, and purchased some Christmas gifts for family and for my Babcia to give me (don't tell her, I'm getting a suit!). Today was a Christmas party at my aunt's house and a bowling party at the bowling alley of a family friend. My dad's trying to teach me about bowling and I think it's working, although trying to make a ball without a weight block hook is painful and strangely like parry four.

Tomorrow there are exciting things to be done- my friends from my high school physics club are coming to my house for a party. It will be teh awesome. However this means I need to cleannnn meh.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shoot! I missed one!

Well, I have a decent excuse for missing yesterday's post- I wasn't anywhere near a computer from 8 am until 1 am the next day, and then I was obviously rather tired. I went to work and sorted fasteners, then to Water Street to hang out for a little, then to my friend Eric's house in Northville to hang out with Eric, Sarah, and some of their high school gaming friends. I tried playing a paladin which was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, particularly since two of the party members had missed the "I'm a paladin and hence LAWFUL GOOD and not allowed to associate with evil people like, hmm, ASSASSINS." Yeah, that was fun. Also found an area in Die Vecna Die that my character in the other campaign will love... library library library alchemy lab library. She'll just fall over in lust with it.

Um this is totally incoherent. I'm knitting my sister's christmas present- socks to wear with flats- and I'll write up the pattern. They're snazzy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I Intended To Post About Yesterday

I have a few "best friends", well, two to be exact. That would be Eol and Pat, and they both get talked about today.

I sent off my Christmas package to Eol earlier this week, and when I came home from the post office what should I find on my porch but a Christmas gift from Pat.


Candy, a bath poof, new fingerless mitts (very soft and comfy!), an adorable little coin pouch that is now being used to hold my hair clips (I'm growing my hair out, at least this week. I'm debating it still, I may show up at school in January with a chin-length bob or with a spiky punky pixie. Still haven't decided which.)

Oh, and yarn. Soft, pretty, fair-trade alpaca yarn.

There was only one thing left to do...


Pull out some Lana Grossa from the stash and my new Hiya Hiyas and put them into my suitcase:


To take home with me for two weeks. Off to Detroit tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I forgot to blog today! I was in bed with my contacts out, about to go to sleep...

So, have a lolstar.


(This is from when my friend Matt and I were talking about how a supernova becomes a black hole. Basically, when a very large star becomes very old, its core collapses, starting an explosion into a supernova. You really get very little warning about when this is going to happen- the last stages can take a matter of days, which is really pathetically short on a galactic scale. So as far as we can predict from our position here on Earth, a large, old star really does just go, "hai i go splody nao 'k?")

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another half-assed blogpost due to late night shenanigans.

Today, I returned to Kalamazoo in anticipation of working two or three more days in the physics department before I go back to Detroit for two weeks to hang out with my family and enjoy Christmasy things.

I made another ballband dishcloth while playing Monopoly from 7 to oh, about now... with Joel, John, Chrissy, and Lisa. It's a bit shorter than the others but I doubt anyone will care, even if they notice. That leaves me with three more dishcloths and footie socks before Christmas, plus some homemade candy/cookies. My knitting/baking ability is much greater than my ability to buy storebought presents, so I might as well.

I got a fantastic package in the mail today, but I will wait to post about it tomorrow because one: I need to unpack my camera and two: I'm tired and want to go to sleep instead. Until tomorrow!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Back in Detroit again- this time to see Wicked at the Detroit Opera House! Slick, slick musical... musically I think it was almost TOO slick! Anyhow, my semi-educated review of the production:

Set: EEEEEEEEEEE GIANT DRAGON AND GEARS AND STEEL AND GEARS AND DRAGONNNNNNNN. (translation: the part of Jax's brain that still works in the scene shop had an orgasm over this set. It was awesome, still can't believe it's for a touring production.)

Music: Well, it was well-done. I can't fault any of the musicians, and I love the writer of the show for having a main character whose part is accessible to contraltos (a.k.a. ME!) However, it felt more like an opera- the music was driving the story, and was the story. I love me some opera, but it didn't feel right for a Musical, y'know?

Favorite songs: "Dancing Through Life", "Popular" (who DOESN'T love that song!? It's kind of a cliche now but I enjoy), "Defying Gravity"

Surprised I didn't like: "As Long As You're Mine" - I knew what to expect here, given that I was able to sing Fiyero's part on it while hearing the song for the first time in Laura's car. The staging was just AWKWARD. You can't really stay in one position feeling each other up on stage while still being in a good position to project your singing.

I was lukewarm about the rest of the songs, but the way they came together was awesome. Whenever the ensemble got involved, things got overbusy.

Knitting: Have finished another ballband dishcloth.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Knitting!

Well, I might as well fess up... I procrastinated on my Christmas knitting. It was going so well- I'd knocked off three presents really quickly... then I just stopped.

I did finish some presents for my friends on time, like this dicebag for Socialist Rob:

Photo 22

And now I'm in the endless purgatory of Ballband Facecloths. They're actually Ballband Dishcloths, but I'm calling them facecloths in hope that people won't be like "eww dishcloth", and packaging them with some handmade soap.


I still have to start my sister's footie socks, which are annoying because I have to make up said pattern as I go along. Looks like this blog might be getting a pattern! Also I have to fix my mom's scarf... I'll grab it on my way out the door tomorrow morning and fix it at home, I suppose.

Three dishcloths down, three to go on the yarn I have, possibly two more. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...