Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh, the holidays.

I spent a very worthwhile few days at home, sleeping, eating Polish food, and getting through one of my final papers, all of my grad school applications (yay!) and rereading the book for my other final paper. Yesterday, I drove home from Detroit to Kalamazoo, in the icky yucky snow which evidently sent the fear of God into everyone on I94 and backed up for miles with no evident reason, and wrote my other paper. Two classes down, one class, one hearing, and one thesis defense to go. If I ever convince myself to get out of bed, I'm going to take my laptop over to the bagel place, nosh on a delicious bagel and drink some coffee, and spend about an hour getting my thesis defense together. Then, back to the house to snag my trumpet and go warm up for my hearing at 11:30, then to the library for more preparation with a break for a health center appointment at 1.

Because I am mildly crazy, I am going to be doing Holidailies. Watch me add the button now. Anyhow, the point is to write every day between Dec 5 and January 6. Since I normally write about my knitting, I may have to actually knit things between then too. Essentially it's Nanowrimo for those of us who are too busy in November and too ADD anyway. Hopefully it'll all be awesome 'n stuff!

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Amo Scribere said...

Yay! I'm doing Holidailies, too! Hopefully it'll actually get me motivated to actually be writing and stuff. =)