Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What I Intended To Post About Yesterday

I have a few "best friends", well, two to be exact. That would be Eol and Pat, and they both get talked about today.

I sent off my Christmas package to Eol earlier this week, and when I came home from the post office what should I find on my porch but a Christmas gift from Pat.


Candy, a bath poof, new fingerless mitts (very soft and comfy!), an adorable little coin pouch that is now being used to hold my hair clips (I'm growing my hair out, at least this week. I'm debating it still, I may show up at school in January with a chin-length bob or with a spiky punky pixie. Still haven't decided which.)

Oh, and yarn. Soft, pretty, fair-trade alpaca yarn.

There was only one thing left to do...


Pull out some Lana Grossa from the stash and my new Hiya Hiyas and put them into my suitcase:


To take home with me for two weeks. Off to Detroit tomorrow!

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