Friday, December 12, 2008

Migraine and a Dream

I had a terrible migraine today, so my day was shot- I woke up around 9, thinking "crap, I left my phone downstairs, I'm up an hour past my- OW OW HEAD NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT". Got downstairs somehow, took a Relpax, slept for another hour, dragged self downstairs again, took another. Then waited. By about one my headache was mostly gone but I felt really, really tired. Still do, in fact, but I'm blaming that on it being nighttime.

Last night I had a dream, and I don't remember the details, but I do remember it involving leaving Budapest. I dug back into my iPhoto to find photos from February 29, the day before I left, and found this one:


The Parliament building, overlooking the Danube (or as I want to say, the Duna).

Knitting content: an epic yarn barf.


The yarn is Laines du Nord Cashsilk, in the poetic colorway 676. It's being knit into a narrow version of the Lace Ribbon Scarf, from Spring 2008 Knitty. I have three more ittybitty skeins of this, and although I got them at the bargain price of $4 a ball, they're also only 25 g per ball. Normally, these little suckers are $10. Hey, I'm getting a $40 scarf for $16, but if it wasn't so orgasmically, must-put-around-my-neck-NOW soft, I would be marveling at how much I'm spending on a project of a type I normally hate. Yeah, I hate scarves. But this one is SOFFFFT.

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