Monday, June 25, 2007

Morning rants.

A recent BBC article on Facebook and MySpace as "class divides"

I think they're conveniently forgetting that Facebook was originally supposed to be a tool for college students. Including a requirement of a ".edu" e-mail address. Hmm, wonder why more college students are on Facebook? IT'S OBVIOUSLY A REFLECTION OF THE CLASSIST NATURE OF AMERICAN SOCIETY! D: It can't be that Myspace lets any chatspeak-abusing emo camwhore over the age of 13 get a profile! Good job missing the obvious, Danah Boyd. Or should I say Dr. Danah Boyd? Why does she get a Ph.D. from noticing that a site designed to cater to college students has a greater amount of college students?

A ridiculous story about pants.

Um. Someone stab this guy in the face. He wanted $54 million over a pair of temporarily misplaced pants!?

I have been knitting too, I swear. A photo survey of the yarn taking over my apartment will follow.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jax is are eejit! D:

I was taking laundry out of the dryer this morning and felt something staticy. A little poking around revealed...

it was my beret. D: Sure, I bought it at Meijer for $10. However, I was rather attached to it before I went and shrunk it. It looks absolutely ridiculous now, and I feel silly.

This brings me to the question of what to do about it. The obvious answer? Knit one!

This one is adorable, although I'm not one for flowery bits. I do like the shape, so I'll borrow that... and find a yarn that I don't have to make myself. I don't have a decent selection of needles yet, much less a spinning wheel!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I have a headache...

because I knit for four hours straight with my contacts in. >< Should've switched to my glasses.

Today I went to the farmer's market and bought yummy food. I have carrots, cucumber, and asparagus, which will be consumed individually and possibly in vegetarian sushi if I can get to the Asian grocery for nori and sushi rice. Bok choy will be cooked in soup, lettuce will be used for sammiches and salad, and potatoes and onions... make me wish I'd bought ring bologna. :) Maybe I'll stop by Safeway and see if they have any tomorrow.

Right, back to knitting.

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Proof that holding both hands in front of the camera and hitting the shutter with your tongue DOES NOT WORK.

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That's better! These are Knitty's Dashing (Spr 2007), made in Universal Yarn Inc. Classic Worsted Tapestry, colorway Forrest. Yes, it is 80% acrylic. However, it is 100% machine-washable, so these lovely fingerless gloves shall never be accidentally felted by their lovable recipient! :D I think I might try this pattern again in a different yarn- although you can feel the cables and see them up close, it might look nicer in a tighter-knit solid.

As an aside, it seems that the apartment has recognized I am a knitter... observe the trail of yarn.

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(Yes, that is a Hot Topic bag. I'm cold at work, and where else do you find a sweatshirt in the middle of a desert in the summer?)

Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm possessed, I say!!!

So, remember that tiny little three-row thing last post?

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This is the left half of Dashing. It's a little big on me, which means it'll probably be perfect. I find the yarn's Nordic pooling very satisfying. Also, I may have to wear these around after I finish the right and before I ship them. It's marvelously warm, and AC + Raynaud's is never a good combo.

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Easier to see it in this picture.

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Hangin' out on my couch.

Also, I received the largest check I've ever seen in my lifetime. I immediately started thinking about what yarn I'd buy now that I have a spending cap only limited by reason. And the need to eat and pay rent. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Viva Las Needles!

I KNOW I've been a tad absent. That's because I was moving across the country, from Kalamazoo to Richland, WA.

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See how pretty? :D

It was a long journey- from Detroit to

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LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!

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See the Strip off there in the distance? Above the glare?

I was going to take a picture of my Plane Socks on a slot machine, but they wouldn't stay. :(

The Plane Socks are not the Vinnland socks, which are sitting patiently waiting for me to engineer a way to bind them off that will still go over my ankles. The Plane Socks are thoughtless-knitting socks, which I'm promptly shipping back home for my aunt.

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They were finished in Portland, with a nerve-wrackingly small amount of yarn. The quarter is for scale.

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They're made out of 's handpainted merino, colorway Mares y Cielos. Not quite as OMGEEZSOFT as Malabrigo, but it's about half the price and has quite a nice texture.

Today after a long day at work, I went to the yarn store here, Knitty Gritty Yarns. It's very nice and I might just go to their Fair Isle class next week Saturday. I picked out a couple of new yarns for projects...

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and Taco Bell on the way back. I can only cook healthy food, almost vegetarian but definitely low-meat. The fattiest thing I'd had all week was string cheese. Also I don't have anything sweeter than orange juice around. This tasted so good.

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So good, in fact, that I felt inspired to start knitting.

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Because Matt is in fact, very Dashing.

I'll take some pictures of the Hanford Reservation (where I work) as soon as one of the other students gets here so I don't have to be driving. :)