Saturday, June 9, 2007

I have a headache...

because I knit for four hours straight with my contacts in. >< Should've switched to my glasses.

Today I went to the farmer's market and bought yummy food. I have carrots, cucumber, and asparagus, which will be consumed individually and possibly in vegetarian sushi if I can get to the Asian grocery for nori and sushi rice. Bok choy will be cooked in soup, lettuce will be used for sammiches and salad, and potatoes and onions... make me wish I'd bought ring bologna. :) Maybe I'll stop by Safeway and see if they have any tomorrow.

Right, back to knitting.

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Proof that holding both hands in front of the camera and hitting the shutter with your tongue DOES NOT WORK.

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That's better! These are Knitty's Dashing (Spr 2007), made in Universal Yarn Inc. Classic Worsted Tapestry, colorway Forrest. Yes, it is 80% acrylic. However, it is 100% machine-washable, so these lovely fingerless gloves shall never be accidentally felted by their lovable recipient! :D I think I might try this pattern again in a different yarn- although you can feel the cables and see them up close, it might look nicer in a tighter-knit solid.

As an aside, it seems that the apartment has recognized I am a knitter... observe the trail of yarn.

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(Yes, that is a Hot Topic bag. I'm cold at work, and where else do you find a sweatshirt in the middle of a desert in the summer?)

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