Monday, June 25, 2007

Morning rants.

A recent BBC article on Facebook and MySpace as "class divides"

I think they're conveniently forgetting that Facebook was originally supposed to be a tool for college students. Including a requirement of a ".edu" e-mail address. Hmm, wonder why more college students are on Facebook? IT'S OBVIOUSLY A REFLECTION OF THE CLASSIST NATURE OF AMERICAN SOCIETY! D: It can't be that Myspace lets any chatspeak-abusing emo camwhore over the age of 13 get a profile! Good job missing the obvious, Danah Boyd. Or should I say Dr. Danah Boyd? Why does she get a Ph.D. from noticing that a site designed to cater to college students has a greater amount of college students?

A ridiculous story about pants.

Um. Someone stab this guy in the face. He wanted $54 million over a pair of temporarily misplaced pants!?

I have been knitting too, I swear. A photo survey of the yarn taking over my apartment will follow.

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mouse said...

hehe pants. oh lord, i'm sleepy. and not keeping up with my blogs at ALL!!