Monday, February 25, 2008

Well crap! I was tagged unawares!

So, I've been off traveling with my family. They came to visit me in BP, then we went to Paris, city of lights and really unfavorable exchange rates. Now, I am reluctantly home. Although I saw Cait which makes everything better!

I was tagged by knittchick and Rachel (a.k.a. fiberfiend6891)

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1. I've been in 19 different countries over the past 6 months.

2. I have a bit of a talent for languages. English is the only one I speak fluently, but I can get by at a semi-native level in French, I have an intermediate proficiency in Japanese, I can sort of hack Hungarian, and I can read and understand (but not speak) survival German and Spanish. Add my ability to relate stuff to those, and this means I can get by in every European country that doesn't use a Slavic language, and some that do.

3. My first knitaversary is in March! My first project was a pair of Malabrigo ankle socks. My second was the Malabrigo knee socks (a.k.a. Spiked Socks of Battle).

4. I get repeated compliments on my Robert Frost Knucks, which makes me think I need to write up a post on how I did them so everyone else can try making awesome fingerless gloves.

5. I gravitate towards things that are knit in pairs: socks, gloves, mittens, handwarmers, etc. Second ____ Syndrome normally only happens when I'm vastly dissatisfied with the first.

6. I'm a long-time gamer. The Fam and I are Nintendo loyalists to an extent. My favorites are RPGs and rhythm games- DDR, Donkey Konga, Karaoke Revolution, and Guitar Hero! I'm just learning how to play Hard on GH3, I play Standard on DDR, Advanced on Konga and Karaoke Revolution.

7. I fence! My former coach, Akos, was an Olympic pentathlete and he is FREAKING SWEET.

So, TAG!
Kaya and Nabby
Anne Kaelber

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Letter from the Yarn Dragon.

Dear Jaxypants,

You are my partner, my friend, and my personal supplier of yarn and knitted objects to nest in. I love you to death. However, and you know that since I'm qualifying this with 'however'... get the fuck over yourself.

See? You crocheted a belt. It's a very nice belt. Yes, I know that you use crochet as a substitute for Prozac, but see? Belt.

You also buckled down and knit new cuffs on your Knucks, which you'd been intending to do for months. Yay you!

Also, you finished the first Stashbuster Spiral, and you've started on the other one! You'll be able to have them finished in time for your parents to come on Saturday with the size 2s you need to finish Baudelaire!

So what if D.A.V. is being unhelpful re: California on top of being his usual insecure self? You're going to Georgia on a roadtrip with Eol, and knowing you two you'll have a great time, and maybe even get some knitting done.

Your awesome parents also are in the process of finding you an apartment so you don't have to go back on the meal plan. You've even found an afghan designer's page that does math-inspired afghans you're deliberating between! And if you live alone you'll be able to have quality time with all your friends without John sneering at the ones he doesn't like.

You also have a great job offer, and even if you're turning it down, it means you have prospects. You also have a booklet of Caltech admission info they sent unsolicited waiting for you at home. Quite frankly, you're doing great.

So, stop being so angsty, get the hell down to Tesco to look for the cotton twine you want for making these grocery bags on the planes, and live a little! You'll be back in Budapest, but you won't be able to live today again!

Much love,
The Yarn Dragon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A general sort of blah.

I really don't feel like doing much of anything lately- not even knitting! I think it has something to do with the looming arrival of my family... because that marks the end of this adventure. Hungary has been a life-changing experience, and knowing that as soon as they get here I have to stop living like an independent Hungarian is really bringing me down. I really miss K and my friends and family in the States, but as February 16 gets closer and closer the less I want to leave. Couldn't they all just come here?

I did the first really "touristy" thing I've done for a while today- souvenir shopping at the Nagy Vasarcsarnok. I don't intend on bringing many people souvenirs, although Pat is getting paprika and my sister's getting a set of Magyar kartya for her birthday next month. I also bought myself a Ferencvaros soccer scarf, and I may go back to Vaci utca and get a Magyarorszag soccer scarf as well- I saw a really nice-looking one at a "dark shop"-like souvenir stand. I love my Hungary, and I love my scarves, but I HATE knitting them. Even if soccer scarves look like they'd be fun at a larger gauge- they're essentially two seamed intarsia pieces with a fringe- I just don't really like scarves!

I actually haven't knit a stitch since last post. This isn't good... I think I'm going to drag out my Knucks and do the repair knitting on them I've been intending to do for a while. Some mindless knitting sounds good to me now.