Sunday, July 15, 2007

An Acute Case of Startitis.

I think I may have a love affair with argyle. It's so nicely geometrical and clean and fun to knit. Also, I am imposing a rule on myself that I am not allowed to post this blog until I finish my little argyle project. So, my break from the loving of argyle will be spent phreakowting over how I have too much yarn and too many ideas.

With that being said:

I have a bunch of cotton that's going to become a sweater at some point before the end of time (the pattern's been frustrating, so sue me). I have two luscious balls of handdyed laceweight that I have no idea what to do with. I have some green alpaca I similarly have no idea what to do with. I have a lovely ball of yarn that was going to be a beret, but I may just give up on that delusion and make it into socks.

I also have socks on the needles, my special argyle project, and a scarf for RC:

I blame my lack of progress on this:

If all of this isn't enough, I'm expecting a package from KnitPicks this week. Crayon in Azure and Yellow (for a baby blanket for my new cousin! :D She was born on July 10, luckily the shower isn't until September). Wool of the Andes in Cream for a surprise for my Eol. Palette in Fawn and Navy for a surprise for my Eol. Palette in Green and Fog for a similar project for me. Oh, and the Harry Potter pattern book. I am teh geek. >>

So, here's the argyle. Love it.

Also, I got to use Ravelry's cool "antsy" feature... OMG it's almost here!!111!!eleventyone11!!!!!1!

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Kelsey H said...

So, now that I have a (mostly) knitting blog, I feel the need to harass other people I know who have one. Unfortunately, this list is very short. So hi! Haha.