Friday, August 3, 2007

This is NOT FAIR.

I finished my beautiful lovely punky "Robert Frost" Knucks yesterday. They are slightly uneven and I forgot to go down a needle size for the ribbing on one side, but they are so thoroughly embroidered with bright and shiny colors that no-one will notice except me.

The unfair part is that I can't find my camera cable to show you! It does strike me now that I haven't looked in the cable pouch that came with my Brookstone laptop sleeve (that saved my ass in Las Vegas when I noticed that the strap of the one I bought before freshman year was maintaining its structural integrity by approximately ten very fragile-looking threads), so I'll check there when I get back home and see if I can take pictures.

I'm going to Seattle tomorrow! However, I am going with non-knitters, so I am hoping that I will be able to stumble across a yarn store and sneak in for yet more sock yarn. Yes, more. Even though I just bought enough Lorna's Laces to make two pairs of lovely socks- hot pink and highlighter yellow for me, lime green and purple for Miss Stephanie. I am being somewhat good though- I'm trying to cast off on everything I can. Fetching will be finished tonight or Sunday, and I'm taking what I've dubbed the Kerr Kilt Hose on our road trip to Seattle. I do wonder about the wisdom of knitting Aran braids in the semidark.

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mouse said...

HARK! a post!!
i still read blogs, i swear!! anyway, find your lousy camera so i can see pictures. picturespicturespictures *bird sound!!*