Thursday, September 27, 2007

So I've been working on these argyle socks for over a month. Argyle is lovely to knit and very soothing. Then I realized...


These are never going on my feet. I stared at them, frowning, for a long, long time.

Then I took them off the needles, and started knitting a different sock. A new sock for a new era. A bold sock- top-down, unlike my previous toe-up efforts. With a stitch pattern, unlike my previous stockinette efforts. With a forethought heel, unlike my previous flapped efforts. In three days, after not casting anything off for a month... I had a sock. The most obnoxious, amazing purple-and-lime-green sock with Chevron leg and stockinette feet. It fits me perfectly, which means it will be just as lovely for my little sister Stephi.

Pictures, sadly, are not yet forthcoming, as I continually forget to make my camera, my link cable, my computer, and a wireless network all be in the same place at once. However, once I have cast on for the other sock, great deeds shall be done!!

Budapest is a yarn sinkhole. There is not one skein of yarn that I have seen and wanted to buy. In fact, I have seen less than 100 skeins of yarn in less than 6 types in a month of dedicated searching. It is quite depressing. However, I have a parcel from the Loopy Ewe on the way- 3 skeins of burgundy Regia Silk for Davidsox and 2 skeins of ShibuiKnits for the Ravelry Caffeine Addicts yarn swap. It will be difficult giving away the lovely electric blue sockyarn, but I know I will be getting some in return, which I will make into socks for me! I actually have some yarn for myself sitting in my desk drawer- Lorna's Laces in Sassy Stripe (hot pink and yellow). I just need to find a pattern for it- I was thinking RPM maybe?

Also, I have found the button in Blogger that makes all the writing be English and not Magyar. This makes me happy. What makes me unhappy is I have to rewrite/format my entire paper for LIGO between today and tomorrow D: No casting on for sock 2 tonight (if I'm good ^_-)

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