Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Prologue, or, Ice Skating

I, Jaxypants R. Sanders, was way too smitten with D.A.V. This is a fact. In fact, my smittenness-to-reason ratio is still way too high. However, I have an analogy- ice skating.

Being happy on your own is a lot like ice skating. Some people never learn. Some people get really good and stay that way. Some people, like me, learned how to do it when they were young, but never mastered it.

When I get out to ice-skate, there's always that lurch in my stomach- "do I remember how to do this?" I'm nervous. I don't want to go on the ice...

Then I do. And everything comes back to me- I remember how to switch edges, skate backwards, cloverleaf, turn...

I'm going ice skating. Both literally and figuratively- literally at City Park Friday, and figuratively Sunday, when I depart, Eurail pass in hand, on a three-week backpacking trip. This backpacking trip, since I mention it here, has to have something to do with knitting...

Welcome to the Great European Sock Adventure.

Herein lies the challenge-

4 pairs of socks.
11 countries.
21 days.

Although as D.A.V. said, I'm trying to take half the stuff and twice the money, my DPNs and notions take up almost negligible space, the yarn will provide hours of entertainment, and the socks will be immediately usable.

The Countries:

Hungary! Ok, this teccccchnically shouldn't count since I live here. But it does.

Austria! I'm spending December 23 and part of Christmas Eve in Vienna- one of the most beautiful towns for Christmas in the world!

Germany! Christmas in Munich, followed by adventures in Berlin!

Denmark! Visiting a friend in Copenhagen as I pass through to the north, then New Year's on the way back!

Sweden! Because Stockholm is there!

Norway! I've had an enduring desire to go to Oslo since the Winter Olympics! I don't care if it doesn't make sense, D.A.V.!

The Netherlands! Because Amsterdam is there!

France! Because I haven't seen the Louvre yet despite having spent more than a month total in Ile-de-France/Loire!

Spain! Visiting Cait in Caceres and going to Madrid and Barcelona because they're there!

Switzerland! Chocolate, CERN, and a new Swiss Army Knife!

Italy! Because Venice will be awesome and has direct service to Budapest!

The Socks!

Socks the First: Sabine Riefler's Snicket Socks from the September '06 MagKnits.

I saw this yarn and thought "hmm, Snicket socks". I didn't remember they were knit in grey, but at any rate... they will be lovely socks. A nice easy warm-up pattern.

Socks the Second: Suzanne Kitzmann's Rainbow Socks from the October '07 MagKnits

A bright, cheerful sock yarn to carry me through the darkness of wintry Scandinavia. Also, I've been dying to try this pattern for ages, now I can!

Socks the Third: Cookie A's Baudelaire, from Summer 2006 Knitty

I love black, but not much shows stitch-wise... lacy black socks, however, will be ridiculously sexy.

Socks the Fourth: Cookie A's Monkey, from Winter 2006 Knitty

This yarn reminds me of Venice for some reason. Maybe it's the "Italian Collection"... even though it's named "Maine", as in where D.A.V. is going back to soon enough.

I'm pretty sure the socks will go in this order, although that's up for change at any time. And the best thing...?

After pouring 2.1 skeins of gorgeous Regia Silk and way too much knitting time into my last pair of socks, when I'm not even sure if D.A.V. appreciates them, these are ALL FOR ME :D. All size seven, all with long legs and narrow feet... I'm getting misty-eyed just thinking about them! Also, major stash-busting means I don't have to feel guilty about any 'acquisitions' I make... and maybe if I'm a good knitter Maman will bring me some Noro sock yarn when she comes to visit in February?

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littlemissloopy said...

Wow! I am so freaking jealous. A backpacking trip through Europe would be amazingly wonderful. It's really too bad I live in the U.S.