Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wild Developments!

So my computer went *kerbreak* which meant that I eventually shelled out for a new one. This one, unlike the old one, has a built-in camera and Photo Booth. So, I will be taking a few pictures.

First, Bayerische Socken.

Photo 2

Only a little into the third leg repeat on the first sock. They're still freaking GORGEGOUS.

Second. Remember the Shapeless White Thing?

Photo 3

Now it is a Shapeless White Thing with a Hood:

Photo 4

AND has two friends:

Photo 5

This is a sweater. It just needs to have the ends woven in and be washed and blocked. Sooooooo yeah. That should be happening soon... exciting!


Linda said...

The sock IS freaking gorgous!! And the shapless white thing is starting to come together. Very pretty!

tracyb said...

You rock the cables girl! Those socks are so pretty. I might have to try those!

Holly Bee said...

Built in camera??? It's so HAL! Does your computer also say "Good morning Jaxy" to you? Man am I jealous!

The socks are AWESOME! I was going to say gorgeous, but Linda beat me too it!

Knit on, knitter!

Can't wait to see the completed sweater. You're even talking blocking...fiend.

rams said...

Were you wearing Rogue Thursday? I would hate to have been so dazzled by the BSJ that I missed Rogue...

rams said...

Not too early to start thinking about your PhD: