Wednesday, October 17, 2007

YAY Package!!

I liberated my package from customs today, which puts me at a lot less dire of a knitting position. So, here's the checklist of stuff I'll be knitting here in Hungary (take me up on these if I don't finish them!!)

- 2 lace scarves/shawls of indeterminate pattern
- RC's scarf
- Eol's socks
- My Jaywalkers
- Davidam's socks
- a hat for me (which may happen sooner than later, it's cold!!)
- mittens for me and Eol

I finished the first Davidamsokja and have started on the second one. It looks exactly like the one in the post below right now. I have also started a pair of Jaywalkers with my Lorna's Laces I got for myself, and will probably be taking them on the train to Prague. That or the hat. I'm debating, because although I want to get stuff off the needles, I can't take the Davidamsokja and the hat is good for the cold. However, traveling sock group might want to see the sock in Prague... ok, I suppose I'm taking the sock.

So yeah, I'm going to Prague this weekend Daviddel. I am also writing Magyar endingekkel. Time for me to stop.

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