Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Picture-less update. SAD.

So I need new camera batteries before I can take pictures. This is really annoying because A. my camera flat-out refuses to work on any set of batteries that costs <$10 and B. I am flat broke. Seriously. I have $30 in my wallet, $30 in my checking account, and god-knows-how-much damage to my credit card. The roadtrip that caused most of the damage was totally worth it though.

I'm moving in to my new apartment in Kalamazoo on Monday. I'm very excited! I also have no flippin' idea what I'll do with myself for a week, but I hazard that it will be much like what I do here- knit, go online, organize, and try starting to run (still haven't been successful with that one, but whatev). I will also be attending an MC2 talk about the mathematics of baseball and hopefully checking out Zombie Prom Date Knitters.

Despite the inadvisability of it I'm going on two yarn runs in the immediate future. One to Ann Arbor (which is mostly for the 'hey, let's hang out in Ann Arbor' value), and one to Stitching Memories. Why? Well, I need some yarn for my idea for the College Knitters Swap. Also, I'm in the Sock Knitters Pentathlon, and I am so vastly dissatisfied with how the yarn I was using for Jacobean looks that I am going to buy some solid yarn now. The yarn is an interesting cotton fingering weight made of three shades of pink plied together. Sadly, it looks like crap in the pattern!

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