Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007: A Year in Knitting

Early March: Cait tackles me in the library coffee shop and tells me that if I buy her a skein of Malabrigo she will make me socks. We go to Stitching Memories and buy the yarn... and needles for me!

March: Mouse and Cait teach me to knit.

April 5 (my birthday!): I cast off on my first pair of socks, which are promptly given to Eol.

The next day I get three piercings. This is not relevant.


Spiked Socks of Battle: knit at D+D.

Plane Socks: given to Aunt Dorry.

Dashing: I think I left these in the LIGO van.

Fetching 1: Given to Babcia.

Green Lantern Scarf: Still not finished.

Punk Rock Duffer Cuff: Given to Megan.

Robert Frost Knucks: Mine :) at 8 Rav favorites and rising.

Stephisox: still not given to Stephi.

D.A.V.sox: Probably the most beautiful thing I made this year.

Jaywalkers: I love these :)

24h Hat: Eva's ridiculous hat.

Heading North: My less ridiculous hat.

Raglan: Still sitting at home... needs a few more inches at the base and some sleeves, but it's on its way to being done.

The Sock Challenge: I finished two of the four Sock Challenge socks in 2007. Looks like I'm right on track!

Goals for 2008:

Learn to knit continental.
Start writing patterns for the blog.

I thought about designing stuff in Oslo and came up with the idea of knitting some traditional Norwegian stuff substituting the Metallica star for that dorky flowerything. Fender isn't my bf, I could make him a sweater? :)


Katherine said...

My god, you've been knitting less than a year!? I may hate you just a little. :)

And those knucks are incredible.

(Sorry for the random comment, I came here from Rav-- kmeister87)

Jax who is in Madrid. said...

Thanks Katherine :) I need to do some repair work on those Knucks when I get back. I love random comments, they make me smile.

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