Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Traveling Sock Retrospective

I made it home on Saturday, absolutely exhausted after getting on the most uncomfortable night train in all Europe behind an Italian nun who hadn't brought her passport because she thought Croatia and Slovenia were part of the EU open travel zone. WRONG.

I also made it home with these.

I hear you- "Jaxypants, those are very lovely socks. However, that is a total of SEVEN socks. Four pairs of socks requires EIGHT socks."

Well, here's my excuse:

The skein for the second Baudelaire... doused in honey. There was no way that was coming out, so I trashed it and spent the last two days of my trip swatching for what may be this blog's first pattern... all of the swatching was ripped out, but I'll figure out how it needs to be done soon enough.

Sunday I spent the evening with D.A.V. (his last night before returning to the States) and the three boys taking over his flat (Wes, Garet, and Johannes). There was a distinct air of melancholy in the room, however, D.A.V. and I made tenative plans for spring break upon my return to the States, and parted with "See ya", rather than "goodbye". Maybe this end is little more than an unconventional beginning.

My new and temporary flatmate is named Alyssa, and she's a knitter too! Maybe when I get home I can get a picture of her and the FANTASTIC Muppet-ful scarf she's knitting. Also, Selene, one of the other new arrivals, was wearing some gorgeous handknit socks when I met her. And Natalie and I talked about knitting as well- apparently she made a dress! Also, the girl down the hall from me, Erin, is crocheting a fantastically eye-searing hot pink scarf. I'm excited about all the fiber artists here now :)

Shortly, I shall post a five-part series explaining the story of each of the traveling socks. Keep an eye out for them :)

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