Wednesday, January 30, 2008

With apologies to Peter Venkman.

There's too much yarn
Not enough suitcase
What you gonna do?

So I'm just trying to get rid of as much yarn as is humanly possible over the next few weeks, since I'm going back to the States March 1 and would like to have more suitcase space. Hence...

Out of my Filatura di Crosa Kid Mohair, Branching Out for my mom.

Out of my La Droguerie Surnaturelle, Endpaper Mitts for me.

Out of some leftover Sisu and scrap Lorna's Laces, SOCKS OF PURE WIN! (aka Hipknitism's Stashbuster Spirals)

I love these socks so much, and they're perfect for using up that leftover LL from my Jays and Stephisox. Who would've thought the colors would be so perfect together?!

Also I'm attempting to crochet... something... out of this Noro Kujaku I got in a destash from the lovely Holly, aka knitwithsnot. I don't really know what. Maybe a belt?

It also seems that I may be heading to California over spring break. I mention this here because it's inspiring a pair of socks I'm working on... I may take them to Bratislava tomorrow or I may wait for my trip with my family. The Stashbusters might be a little too much for a bus!

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mouse said...

hey!! i'm an awful friend/blog reader/commentor. your knitting is lovely, and it mortified me to see how many posts i've simply *failed to check*. *sigh*. okay, off i go!!